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Petnet's smart pet feeder system back after week-long outage

Accepted submission by DannyB at 2020-02-28 14:22:00 from the don't-worry-the-virtual-food-is-in-the-cloud dept.

Petnet's smart pet feeder system is back after a week-long outage, but customers are still waiting for answers

Petnet, [] the smart pet feeder backed by investors including Petco, [] recently experienced a week-long system outage affecting its second-generation SmartFeeders. While the startup’s customer service tweeted over the weekend that its SmartFeeders and app’s functionality have been restored, Petnet’s lack of responsiveness continues to leave many customers frustrated and confused.

Petnet [] first announced on Feb. 14 [] that it was investigating a system outage affecting its second-generation SmartFeeders that made the feeders appear to be offline. The company said in a tweet that the SmartFeeders were still able to dispense on schedule, but several customers replied that their devices had also stopped dispensing food or weren’t dispensing it on schedule.

But all is not lossed . . . A system update announcement. []

System Update: SmartFeeders are returning online. There will be a system reset to help stailize your SmartFeeder's app functionality. We will promptly update you once this has been completed. Scheduled automatic feeds should still dispense on time.

Those darn customers, so impatient, unwilling to wait for their next fix to download. Please check back in one quarter of a galactic rotation. [] Thank you.

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