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Greece closes borders to millions of undoc migrants from Turkey as coronavirus fears escalate

Accepted submission by Anonymous Coward at 2020-03-04 02:05:25 from the War the old fashioned way dept.

Turkey has allowed millions of undocumented migrants to cross into Greece [] as the coronavirus takes hold in Iran and enters Europe. With more countries around the world reporting cases of infection Turkey, going back on its billion dollar agreement to contain undocumented migrants at its borders, is now assisting migrants to enter Greece. Greek officials are already struggling to manage the undocumented arrivals and provide sufficient care to them in the wake of what looks like a global pandemic. With hundreds of thousands of migrants trying to enter the country locals are repelling boats and border guards are shooting riot gas. At least one undoc has been killed trying to cross the Greek border. The situation is causing panic in Greece as people prepare for the impact of Covid-19.

Does this mean Turkey will repay the billions Europe paid? Is aiding millions of potentially infected people to enter another country an act of war?

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