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Coronavisu may tear apart Australian University that relies on Chinese students

Accepted submission by Anonymous Coward at 2020-03-11 14:04:20 from the Know when to fold em dept.

The secondary effects of the coronavirus are being felt around the world as factory production is slower, deliveries are effected and entire countries are shut down. In Australia the University of Tasmania is cutting courses in a bid to survive foreign student loss [] in the midst of a travel ban imposed by Australia in a bid to slow the coming COVID19 outbreak. With UTAS (University of Tasmania) buying up tens of millions worth of real estate in prime areas for future expansion based on foreign students the future of the university may be in doubt with so many of its wealth students unable to attend. Given expectations that the virus outbreak expected to last months UTAS may have to suck in its belt, reduce courses, and ride out the wave like so many other businesses facing extinction. Already several restaurants in the Sydney Chinatown area have closed due to the ongoing situation with many more predicted to come.

They could get locals to attend their local university like they did in the Old Days

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