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Update is Now Live on Production: "[Skip to comment(s)]"

Accepted submission by martyb at 2020-03-22 23:59:24

Please accept a big Thank You to everyone who provided feedback and feedback on a new addition to the site! (For background information, read: on Changing Site UI to Make Long Stories Easier to Navigate -- Input Requested [superseded; see update] [] and Skip to comment(s) -- Second Try [Updated: 2020-03-21 15:06:00 UTC] [].)

The main page of SoylentNews should function and look the same as before. The magic manifests only after a specific story has been opened. Code has been added to a site template so that "[Skip to comment(s)]" should now appear, right-justified, in the first of the two lines in the title bar that appear immediately below the story's title.

Clicking the button will bring you to the comment header block. (That's where you can adjust Breakthrough, Threshold, and Threading preferences (either one-time-only, or save t away, permanently.)

Quite frankly, thanks to the community's feedback, it looks and behaves better than what I had originally envisioned!


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