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Chinese bank requires foreign firm to install app with covert backdoor

Accepted submission by Freeman at 2020-06-26 16:13:43 from the all your base are belong to us dept.
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A large, multinational technology company got a nasty surprise recently as it was expanding its operations to China. The software a local bank required the company to install so it could pay local taxes contained an advanced backdoor.

The cautionary tale, detailed in a report published Thursday [], said the software package, called Intelligent Tax [] and produced by Beijing-based Aisino Corporation, worked as advertised. Behind the scenes, it also installed a separate program that covertly allowed its creators to remotely execute commands or software of their choice on the infected computer. It was also digitally signed by a Windows trusted certificate.
Trustwave didn’t identify the two companies that encountered GoldenSpy or the local Chinese bank that required that Intelligent Tax be installed. Representatives of Aisino Corporation didn’t immediately respond to an email seeking comment for this post.

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