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Global Police Sting Against Dark Net Drug Sales Nets 179

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Global police sting against dark net drug sales nets 179 []:

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In an analysis for the Washington Post this Tuesday, Philip Bump says that President Trump's recent downplaying of the coronavirus' effects on young people is "both dangerously misleading and aggressively hypocritical."

“You know, in some states thousands of people, nobody young — below the age of 18, like nobody — they have a strong immune system. Who knows. You look — take your hat off to the young because they have a hell of an immune system, but it affects virtually nobody," Trump said at a rally in Ohio on Monday.

Bump points out that as Trump spoke, the death toll from the virus approached 200,000 -- a boundary that Trump repeatedly insisted [] this spring and summer that we probably wouldn’t near. While it's true that the virus affects primarily older people, the notion that “virtually nobody” who is younger has been affected simply isn't true.

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Mike Pence's chief of staff, Marc Short, belittled a former staffer who has now come out against President Donald Trump for his failed response to the coronavirus pandemic.

In an NBC News interview, Olivia Troye [], who advised Pence on homeland security, counterterrorism and the coronavirus, explained that the main conversation in the White House over the coronavirus was about Trump's image, and not saving Americans.

"He's not actually looking out for you," Troye said. "He's not looking out for these people. He's not looking out for them. He just wants you in that audience so he can have the camera shot of, you know, his fanfare and the people around him. But the truth is, he's putting those lives at risk.”

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US President Donald Trump angrily cast blame on China over the coronavirus pandemic in an address on Tuesday before the United Nations, whose warned against a new "Cold War" between the two powers.

At a General Assembly held almost entirely virtually due to Covid-19, Trump delivered a speech in full election campaign mode, even using his loaded term "China virus."

"We must hold accountable the nations which unleashed this plague onto the world -- China," Trump said in a previous recorded address to the General Assembly, where each nation was represented by a single, masked delegate.

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