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Training to spot trolls

Rejected submission by Anonymous Coward at 2020-09-23 17:17:54 from the troll? waht troll? dept.

In a world where trolls are increasingly leveraged to ends beyond trolling for pleasure, it is correspondingly important that netizens have the skill to spot the shill.

Now, as any process engineer can tell you, an open loop system is hard to assign good control values to!

Somebody made a (free as in beer) game to close that loop, so we can train ourselves to better spot the trolls (cough, soylentils could use this skill, cough): []

All of the accounts and posts used in this quiz, both the genuine accounts and the trolls, have been taken directly from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Nothing has been changed.

While fake accounts are created for a variety of reasons, the troll accounts and posts in this quiz have all been linked to Vladimir Putin’s troll factory, the Internet Research Agency, based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

I've not heard of "The Clemson University Media Forensics Hub" before but this seems like a great entree!

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