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Mexican Politician Tries to Use Background of Herself to Sneak Out of Meeting

Rejected submission by upstart at 2020-09-24 13:02:10

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Mexican politician tries to use background of herself to sneak out of meeting []:

Valentina Batres Guadarrama, a Congresswoman from Mexico City, was caught trying to sneak out of a Zoom meeting. Guadarrama used a photo of herself staring at the screen in an attempt to make it look like she was still present and attentive. The incident occurred last Friday during an online congressional meeting.

Unfortunately, Guadarrama turned what could have been a clever hack into a big fail:

The tweet above was sent out by the host of the meeting, and roughly translates to: "Deputy [Guadarrama], I thought that you were paying a lot of attention to my speech, when I realized that that attentive look was a photograph."

It's sad that she messed this up, but she does seem like a cool politician you could actually sit down and have a beer with (on Zoom, that is).

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