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How to Tame a Troll

Rejected submission by Anonymous Coward at 2020-09-24 18:56:22 from the but maaaa I wanted a pet rock dept.

A researcher has empirical results for how to de-troll trolls.

After several years of dealing with trolls on social media, I've discovered most are motivated by the same desire that drives us all: the genuine need to connect and belong. Satisfy that and they'll miraculously transform into decent people who just want to talk politics.

Through trial and error, I've gradually developed a system for managing obnoxious behavior that charms all but the worst of the worst. With this method, I've converted erstwhile trolls to friends; extremists to moderates; and adversaries to allies. Best of all, I've made trolling rare in my politically-diverse and highly public social media communities. []

spoiler: the techniques are humanizing, setting boundaries, not feeding the trolls, and last-resort blocking. Implies we should try to treat fellow soylentils with dignity but firm boundaries. Whoda thunkit?

filed under slash, since it's social science especially as it applied to anon-welcoming slashcode communities

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