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Media ‘Twists’ President’s Support for LGBTQ Community

Rejected submission by upstart at 2020-10-04 05:50:19

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Media ‘Twists’ President’s Support for LGBTQ Community []:

President Trump has done more for minorities than any of his predecessors, a gay Republican said Saturday at the prayer rally for Trump outside Walter Reed Medical Center.

“This man here has done more for the gay community and the black community and all minorities than any president we’ve had in history,” the Trump supporter identified as Heath told Breitbart News.

He continued:

The man has done so much for our community but the mainstream media twists it so much, and they will not give him credit for anything he’s done. I mean, he’s called out world leaders who has [sic] persecution of gays and lesbians in their countries. He’s the first president that ever went into his first term supporting gay marriage already. He called out the gay and lesbian community in a Republican National Committee in 2016. It’s unheard of.

Heath joined a crowd [] of other Trump supporters outside Walter Reed Medical Center where President Trump was spending several days after he and First Lady Melania Trump tested [] positive for the coronavirus, according to Breitbart News.

Heath said it was more difficult coming out as a conservative than it was coming out as gay, adding that he had always voted Republican.

“Well a few years ago, it was found out that I’m a Republican and so I said, ‘Hell with it. I’m kicking the door right open.’ And so I was coming out of the closet again, but it was harder coming out of the closet as a Republican and a conservative than it ever was as a gay man,” he told Breitbart News.

Thanks to President Trump, the Republican Party had become more diverse, according to Heath.

“This is the new Republican Party. The man that’s laying over in that hospital bed does not care what your sexuality is, he does not care what your gender is, he doesn’t care what your race is. If you are a good person, that’s what he cares about,” he explained.

Heath described himself as a patriot and an American, adding that the party’s diversity [] made him emotional.

“Because what my sexuality doesn’t determine… who I vote for and what my beliefs are,” he noted.

As to the president’s fight against the coronavirus, Heath told Breitbart News that “If anybody can kick its butt, he can.”

“And then he’s gonna be back on the [inaudible] and we’re gonna win in a landslide, and we’re gonna win four more years and Joe Biden is gonna ride off in the sunset like he should have done 27 years ago after 20 years in office,” he said.

“Go President Trump and four more years, we love you,” Heath concluded.

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