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GameStop (the stock) and GameStop (the retailer) continue to be worlds apart

Accepted submission by Freeman at 2021-03-24 17:10:56 from the flame in your heart dept.
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The last time GameStop announced its quarterly earnings, in early December, the stock market valued the video game retailer at about $1 billion. Following a worse-than-expected earnings report released Tuesday night [], the company now has a market cap of just under $10 billion as of Wednesday morning.

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Sure, that's down roughly 18 percent from Tuesday's closing price, and off roughly 44 percent from a January peak that saw the stock offering become a poster child for the retail investor-driven "meme stock" phenomenon []. Still there's not much in this week's report to suggest that GameStop as a company is worth ten times as much as it was just three months ago, much less the higher valuations it briefly enjoyed in the interim.

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