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Soviet TV version of Lord of the Rings rediscovered after 30 years

Accepted submission by Fluffeh at 2021-04-06 21:43:28 from the clearly-best-version-comrade dept.

The Guardian reports [] that a Soviet television adaptation of The Lord of the Rings thought to have been lost to time was rediscovered and posted on YouTube last week, delighting Russian-language fans of JRR Tolkien.

The 1991 made-for-TV film, Khraniteli, based on Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring, is the only adaptation of his Lord of the Rings trilogy believed to have been made in the Soviet Union. Few knew about its existence until Leningrad Television’s successor, 5TV, abruptly posted the film to YouTube last week [part one [] | part two []], where it has gained more than 800,000 views within several days.

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