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Texas Democrats Stymie G.O.P. Voting Bill, for Now

Rejected submission by Anonymous Coward at 2021-06-01 13:11:53 from the Voting dept.
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Democrats in the Texas Legislature staged a dramatic, late-night walkout on Sunday night to force the failure of a sweeping Republican overhaul of state election laws. The move, which deprived the session of the minimum number of lawmakers required for a vote before a midnight deadline, was a stunning setback for state Republicans who had made a new voting law one of their top priorities.

The effort is not entirely dead, however. Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, indicated that he would call a special session of the Legislature, which could start as early as June 1, or Tuesday, to restart the process. The governor has said that he strongly supported an election bill, and in a statement he called the failure to reach one on Sunday “deeply disappointing.” He was widely expected to sign whatever measure Republicans passed.

(Submitter's note: I tried to find a succinct summary of the changes, but could not find one. The things I know off-hand are that it reduces the number of hours for Sunday voting to 1, segregates how high-population and low-population voting districts are handled (how is there even such disparity in voting district populations?), and lets a judge use a "preponderance of evidence" rather than a "reasonable doubt" standard to overturn an election result.)

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