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Putin slashes Russia’s space budget and says he expects better results

Accepted submission by Freeman at 2021-10-11 16:08:50 from the squeeze dept.
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Russia plans to slash funding for spaceflight activities during the coming three-year period, from 2022 to 2024. The cuts will come to about 16 percent annually, several Russian publications, including [], report. (These Russian-language articles were translated for Ars by Rob Mitchell.)

For 2022, the state budget for space activities will be set at 210 billion rubles ($2.9 billion), a cut of 40.3 billion rubles ($557 million) from the previous year. Similar cuts will follow in subsequent years. The most significant decreases will be in areas such as “manufacturing-technological activities" and "cosmodrome development." Funding for "scientific research and development" was zeroed out entirely.

I guess Russia is throwing in the towel as far as space is concerned?

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