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fast nonvolatile memory

Accepted submission by hendrikboom at 2022-01-10 19:50:40 from the computers without Alzheimers department dept.

production of revolutionary computer memory moves closer with ULTRARAMâ„¢ on silicon wafers for the first time []

or, in more detail,
ULTRARAM: A Low-Energy, High-Endurance, Compound-Semiconductor Memory on Silicon []

... a novel type of memory with extraordinary properties. It combines the non-volatility of a data storage memory, like flash, with the speed, energy-efficiency and endurance of a working memory, like DRAM. To do this it utilises the unique properties of compound semiconductors, commonly used in photonic devices such as LEDS, laser diodes and infrared detectors, but not in digital electronics, which is the preserve of silicon.

So ... are we approaching the point where we get a plug-in RAM storage module that can be used like nonvolatile RAM -- because it is nonvolatile? And when you've built complex data structures on it with RAM efficiency, you can unplug it and put it, and of course the data, on a shelf for later use?

Or just plug it into a computer when you need an extra 24 gigabytes of RAM to formally verify a category-theoretical theorem?

How would *you* like to use this?

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