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Apple discontinues iPod - Early models selling for huge amounts

Accepted submission by SomeGuy at 2022-05-11 20:24:53 from the No-wireless.-Less-space-than-a-nomad.-Lame. dept.

DailyMail is reporting that early Apple iPod models are selling for absurd amounts after Apple announced that it is discontinuing the iPod. []

This week Apple announced that it is discontinuing the iPod Apple launched its first iPod Classic back in 2001 with a $399 price tag Fast-forward to today and old iPods could be worth a huge amount of money An iPod Touch sold on eBay in March for more than $6,500

Amid the news of its discontinuation, listings for iPods on eBay have surged, with many sellers asking for huge sums of money for their retro devices.

Speaking to MailOnline, James Andrews, senior personal finance editor at, said: 'With iPods discontinued, you might be asking whether it's time to cash in on some of your old tech.

'The first thing to say is don't get excited by list prices on ebay. While a few models are selling for thousands, the vast majority are selling for far less.

'But that doesn't mean you couldn't pick up a reasonable amount. Do a search and check recent sold prices for models like your own to see what you're likely to get.

'In general, the best prices go to iPod Classic models, in great condition and with all the leads needed included. If you're lucky enough to have an unopened U2 Special Edition iPod from 2004 in the back of a cupboard, it could make you thousands.'

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