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Ethical AI art generation? Adobe Firefly may be the answer.

Accepted submission by Freeman at 2023-03-23 16:09:36 from the artificial artificial intelligence dept.
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On Tuesday, Adobe unveiled Firefly [], its new AI image synthesis generator. Unlike other AI art models such as Stable Diffusion [] and DALL-E [], Adobe says its Firefly engine, which can generate new images from text descriptions, has been trained solely on legal and ethical sources, making its output clear for use by commercial artists. It will be integrated directly into Creative Cloud, but for now, it is only available [] as a beta.

Since the mainstream debut of image synthesis models last year, the field has been fraught with issues [] around ethics and copyright. For example, the AI art generator called Stable Diffusion gained its ability to generate images from text descriptions after researchers trained an AI model to analyze hundreds of millions of images scraped from the Internet. Many (probably most) of those images were copyrighted and obtained without the consent of their rights holders, which led to lawsuits [] and protests from artists [].

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