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2023 Ig Nobel prize winners announced

Accepted submission by coolgopher at 2023-09-16 03:20:41

As reported in New Atlas [] and many other places, the 2023 Ig Nobel winners have been announced.

The Ig Nobel Prize celebrates the most trivial and ridiculous things our best and brightest have studied. The 2023 award winners are now world-class experts that have advanced mankind's knowledge on big questions. Questions like "just how bored do students and teachers get in school?" Or "how much do horny anchovies influence ocean water mixing?" Or "if a group of people stand in the street looking upward, does the size of the group influence how many unrelated passers-by also decide to look up?" Or that old chestnut, "do we need toilets that analyze our excreta and identify us by taking photos of our anuses?"

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