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Moonquakes due to shrinkage.

Accepted submission by looorg at 2024-01-31 03:31:13 from the like.a.grape.not.cheese dept.

Moonquakes due to shrinkage.
The moon is shrinking and by doing so is putting future moon plans in jeopardy.

A new study estimates that the circumference of Earth’s only natural satellite has decreased by about 45m over the past few hundred million years.

That isn't a lot of shrinkage, but apparently enough to lead to problems.

... the shrinkage causes potentially severe “moonquakes” around the lunar South Pole

Right where they, NASA, want to land and build their new moon base.

Its diminished outline is a result of the moon’s iron core cooling and contracting over time. In much the same way as a grape wrinkles as it shrinks to become a raisin, the lunar surface

And the analogy explanation. The moon is like a grape ... not cheese. Do you know what goes with cheese? Wine. That is made from grapes. See it all ties together.

How much has earth shrunk or grown in the past few hundred million years? []

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