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Jeff Geerlling on Rumors of a Raspberry Pi IPO

Accepted submission by canopic jug at 2024-01-31 09:18:33 from the selling-out-to-the-microsofters dept.

Vlogger Jeff Geerling has an analysis of rumors of a future IPO for Raspberry Pi Trading Ltd. []

But long-term, will Eben's vision for what makes Raspberry Pi change? Will there be turnover and some of the people who make the Pi a joy to use be gone?

Will the software side start leaning on subscriptions to increase revenues to make shareholders happy?

And ultimately, could Eben be replaced, and would that change things? Yes, probably, but I won't speculating about any that here. See my blog post about enshittification [] from last month if you wanna read more about that topic.

What I will do is answer some misconceptions I've seen about Raspberry Pi and the IPO.

The Register covered the IPO discussion [] the other day and while bankers have been appointed to the task, the CEO asserts that nothing will change.

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