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Paris Votes to Triple Parking Fees for SUVs

Accepted submission by canopic jug at 2024-02-05 19:41:39

The majority residents of Paris have voted in favor of heavy parking fees for suburban utility vehicles [] over 1.6 tons or more. These new fees rise to €18 an hour [] in the city center, with lower rates further out []. The goals are to improve air quality, road safety, and provide for better commuting by bicycle.

Starting September 1st, gas or hybrid SUVs, and other larger vehicles weighing over 1.6 tonnes (1.76 tons), will be charged €18 (around $19.40) per hour to park in the center of Paris, and €12 (around $12.90) per hour in the rest of the city. The new pricing also applies to electric vehicles weighing over two tonnes (2.20 tons). Exemptions are in place for taxis and city residents, which means those traveling into Paris from outside the city will be most impacted. According to one of the posters for the referendum, only three in 10 Parisians even own a personal vehicle.

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