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Will Smith parodies viral AI-generated video by actually eating spaghetti

Accepted submission by Freeman at 2024-02-20 15:15:18 from the life imitating art imatating life dept.
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On Monday, Will Smith posted a video on his official Instagram feed [] that parodied an AI-generated video of the actor eating spaghetti [] that went viral last year. With the recent announcement of OpenAI's Sora [] video synthesis model, many people have noted the dramatic jump in AI-video quality over the past year compared to the infamous spaghetti video. Smith's new video plays on that comparison by showing the actual actor eating spaghetti in a comical fashion and claiming that it is AI-generated.
In the Instagram comments section, some people expressed confusion [] about the new (non-AI) video, saying, "I'm still in doubt if second video was also made by AI or not." In a reply, someone else wrote [], "Boomers are gonna loose [sic] this one. Second one is clearly him making a joke but I wouldn’t doubt it in a couple months time it will get like that."

We have not yet seen a model with the capability of Sora attempt to create a new Will-Smith-eating-spaghetti AI video, but the result would likely be far better than what we saw last year, even if it contained obvious glitches.

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