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Remembering MDC near the anniversary of his death

Accepted submission by Anonymous Coward at 2024-03-06 17:12:33 from the fare ye well dept.

This month it will be 5 years since MDC, denied essential medication, ended his life.

Since SoylentNews is "critical" maybe it's best that we gather in remembrance now, while we can, while the community exists.

Remember in his last words here, he begged us for help. For Theophylline or Aminophylline, or even bananas; he begged for help with "the desire to take my own life. I'll explain later, I can't just now as I cannot breathe and so am fighting for consciousness ... I Beg Of You! ... Please FIND SOME WAY I DO NOT HAVE TO DIE!"

Remember him. A good person, sometimes bewildered at the senseless cruelty of others, and at his best, indignant and retributive against those cruelties. Not a Vigilante, just a human who wanted children to be safe. Smart but too much of a misfit for society to let him live happily and productively for very long at a stretch.

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