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Accepted submission by upstart at 2024-03-31 04:24:37

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NetBSD Blog []:

NetBSD 10.0 available! []
March 30, 2024 posted by Martin Husemann

The NetBSD project is pleased to announce the eighteenth major release of the NetBSD operating system NetBSD 10.0 []!
See the release announcement [] for details.

The netbsd-10 release branch is more than a year old now, so it is high time the 10.0 release makes it to the front stage. This matches the long time it took for the development branch to get ready for branching, a lot of development went into this new release.

This also caused the release announcement to be one of the longest we ever did.

If you want to try NetBSD 10.0 please check the installation notes [] for your architecture and download the preferred install image [] from the CDN or if you are using an ARM based device from the netbsd-10 builds from the bootable ARM images [] page.

If you have any issues with installation or run into issues with the system during use, please contact us on one of the mailing lists [] or file a problem report [].


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