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RealDoll is Working on AI and Robotic Heads for its Next-gen Sex Dolls

Accepted submission by Phoenix666 at 2015-06-15 15:27:44

RealDoll, after almost 20 years of selling "the world's finest love doll," [] is developing an animated, robotic, artificially intelligent head that can be switched onto existing RealDoll bodies. The purpose, according to RealDoll's founder and CEO Matt McMullen, is to "arouse someone on an emotional, intellectual level, beyond the physical."

If you haven't heard of RealDoll before, the company makes expensive ($5,000-$10,000, £3,200-£6,400) but very realistic sex dolls. The dolls (which come in male and female varieties) have fully poseable skeletons, silicone skin, and are roughly the same weight and size as a real human. The dolls have interchangeable faces and orifices.

The reality that Westworld and AI imagined decades ago has arrived. What are the ethical implications? Would you be willing to use one?

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