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Fed-up moms create their own clothing for girls

Accepted submission by Runaway1956 at 2015-08-26 17:18:47

In light of some past articles on diversity, [] [] This CNN article caught my attention.

#ClothesWithoutLimits: Fed-up moms create their own clothing for girls

Princess Free Zone offers empowering T-shirts with images such as dinosaurs, skateboards and soccer balls. "Kids should not have to be brave to wear the things they like," says founder Michele Yulo.

"Girl clothes without the girly" is the mantra behind Girls Will Be, which includes longer shorts and T-shirts (no pink ones!) with images that seek to break gender stereotypes.

The company buddingSTEM offers a line of girls' clothes celebrating girls' interests in science, engineering, technology and math. []

Please, browse the photos. They are full of lovely little girls, minus what I call the "silly frilly" stuff. You might even click some links, and find something fitting for the young lady in your life!

Some might complain that it's a very small start - but the longest journey begins with a single step. Each of these startups seems to be doing pretty much what I've called for - giving the girls what THEY want, rather then telling them what they should want.

One of my favorite T-shirts, seen on girls young and mature, []

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