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Local Cops Single Out Big Pharma CEOs in Fight Against Heroin Abuse

Accepted submission by Anonymous Coward at 2015-09-18 02:53:18

Addiction to heroin and other opiates is a growing problem in the USA [], as Presidential hopefuls have learned [] from Q&A sessions with voters on the campaign trail (previous SN story here []).

Tired of encountering dead bodies, the police department of Gloucester, MA (an old city with a large commercial fishing industry) decided to appeal for the public's help in a rather interesting way [], via a department Facebook post []:

Gotta go make some calls.....

Top 5 Pharmaceutical CEO Salaries:


In 2013 The Huffington Post reported that the 11 largest pharmaceutical companies made $711 BILLION in profits in the last decade while their CEO's made a combined $1.57 BILLION in the same period.

Now...don't get mad. Just politely ask them what they are doing to address the opioid epidemic in the United States and if they realize that the latest data shows almost 80% of addicted persons start with a legally prescribed drug that they make. They can definitely be part of the solution here and I believe they will be....might need a little push.

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