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E_NOENT (630)

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"Irrationality is the square root of all evil" -- Douglas Hofstadter

E_NOENT (630)

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Some thoughts on "Star Wars", Monday December 28 2015, @04:15PM (7 comments)

Just some preliminary notes. I need to flesh out some more of this, but I also need to work...

How would history have changed if "Close Encounters of th ...

E_NOENT's Latest 24 of 122 Comments

Subject Datestamp Replies Score
System D and the Redhate-industrial complex...  *Thursday September 15 2016, @04:22PM 3 2
   attached to Slackware's alienbob Loses His Day Job to Offshoring
Re:Did They Screw Mozilla?  *Wednesday July 27 2016, @02:01PM  2
Re:Did They Screw Mozilla?  *Tuesday July 26 2016, @12:55PM 1 2
   attached to Verizon to Buy (Parts of) Yahoo! For $4.83 Billion
The message is clear: use bittorrent, goto jail  *Thursday July 21 2016, @01:32PM 3 2, Offtopic
   attached to KickassTorrents Alleged Owner Arrested, Domain Names Seized
Welcome to the internet of things  *Tuesday February 23 2016, @09:37PM 2 3, Funny
   attached to Volvo Recalls 59,000 Cars Over Software Issue
Re:I'm too lazy to do the math  *Tuesday February 23 2016, @02:15PM  2
   attached to Laser Propulsion Could Get Craft to Mars in Just Days
Here's the cool part  *Wednesday February 17 2016, @02:48PM 2 4, Insightful
   attached to Lost Mozart-Salieri Composition Performed
Re:Culture Series  Tuesday January 12 2016, @01:39PM  2
Re:Just my opinion.  Thursday December 31 2015, @01:57PM  3, Funny
Re:Difficult questions  Tuesday December 29 2015, @01:56AM 1 2
   attached to Journal Discussion: Some thoughts on "Star Wars"
I don't know, I like Perl.  *Sunday December 27 2015, @12:59AM  3, Insightful
   attached to The Long Slow Death of
I don't have a television either  *Wednesday December 09 2015, @02:59PM 9 5, Funny
   attached to DailyMotion Hit by Malvertising Attack Using the Angler Exploit Kit
Re:Start here  *Monday December 07 2015, @08:10PM  3, Interesting
   attached to Practical Recursion Schemes in Haskell
ipads uber alles  *Sunday June 14 2015, @09:33AM 3 2
   attached to San Francisco Votes to Expand Computer Science Education Across all Grades
Re:I jumped ship a few years ago.  *Monday April 13 2015, @10:21AM  2
   attached to Linux Distro Released: elementary OS 0.3 "Freya"
Re:This is interesting.  *Wednesday March 18 2015, @09:33AM  2
   attached to Liberals Least Tolerant of Diverse Views on Social Media
Re:22/7  *Sunday March 15 2015, @10:19AM  2
Re:22/7  *Saturday March 14 2015, @09:55AM 1 3, Insightful
   attached to Today is π day!
Just putting this out there...  *Saturday March 14 2015, @09:57AM  4, Insightful
   attached to Borderline Low Testosterone Levels Associated with Depression
Re:my t-grade business lenovo was bios-locked, too  *Tuesday March 03 2015, @07:56PM 1 2
   attached to Intel's Walled Garden Boot Guard with Verified Boot
What if I told you...  *Tuesday March 03 2015, @01:34PM 2 3, Insightful
   attached to Fines Remain Rare as Health Data Breaches Multiply
Re:War as Symbol...  *Wednesday February 18 2015, @08:57PM  2
War as Symbol...  *Wednesday February 18 2015, @08:09PM 1 3, Insightful
   attached to Why US Army Keeps Losing Wars
Re:Other Applications  *Wednesday February 18 2015, @03:35PM 1 2
   attached to The Face Detection Algorithm Set to Revolutionize Image Search
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