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Title    Breaking: Bacon and Muffins Disappear
Date    Tuesday April 01 2014, @11:59PM
Author    NCommander
from the staff-released-from-mind-control dept.

Just as quickly as they arrived, our food-based overlords have vanished. The only remains appear to be a dirty frying pan, and and a discarded muffin wrapper. No notification from either the corn muffin or the bacon bloc have been found leading many to suspect foul play. Free of their enslavement, the staff of SoylentNews has restored the site to its previous name and glory, with statements like that "no, we haven't sold out" and "we didn't say that, it was that damn muffin".

In other news, NCommander has returned to his position as head of the site. When asked where he went, all he could say is "I had a really good breakfast".

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