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Title    Colorado Dad Wants to Ban Smartphone Sales to Children
Date    Monday June 19 2017, @11:13PM
Author    n1
from the think-of-the-children dept.

takyon writes:

We see smartphones everywhere. In school hallways, at the family dinner table and plugged in at the bedside table.

But how young is too young to be constantly connected to the rest of the world through sleek apps, social media and video messaging?

One Colorado man has decided that age 13 seems like a good cutoff.

Tim Farnum is leading the charge on a proposed ballot initiative in Colorado that would be the first of its kind in the country. Farnum's proposal would ban the sale of smartphones to children younger than 13, or more likely, to parents who intend to give the smartphone to kids in that age bracket.

Farnum, a Denver-area anesthesiologist, is the founder of Parents Against Underage Smartphones, or PAUS, the nonprofit group pushing the proposal.


Also reported by: The Washington Post

Initial Fiscal Impact Statement: [PDF]

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