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Title    iPhone 8 Plus Batteries Are Swelling on Some Phones
Date    Thursday October 12 2017, @08:03PM
Author    cmn32480
from the maybe-there-is-a-worm-inside dept.

MrPlow writes:

Submitted via IRC for AndyTheAbsurd

Reports are coming out that at least 6 iPhone 8 Plus batteries grew too big for their britches.

There have been at least six separate reports of iPhone 8 Plus batteries swelling to the point of splitting open their enclosures since the phones first went on sale on Sept. 22.

Stories at MacRumors, The Next Web and 9to5mac as early as last week cited social media postings showing what appeared to be separate incidents in Japan and Taiwan where the phones had split apart because of expanding batteries.

More recently, The Guardian has reported on additional incidents in Greece, Canada and China. Taken together, it adds up to at least six cases exhibiting nearly identical symptoms.

An Apple spokesperson said the company was aware of the reports, and looking into them.

Doesn't seem like it's as bad as Samsung's issues with Note 7 batteries - but the iPhone 8 is still relatively new, so I wouldn't go selling your AAPL stock right away.


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