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Title    Swiss Mired in Poisonous Row Over Pesticides
Date    Monday June 07 2021, @04:27AM
Author    mrpg
from the poisonous-pesticides-plague-the-pasture dept.

upstart writes in with an IRC submission for Runaway1956:

Swiss mired in poisonous row over pesticides:

[...] The Swiss will vote on Jun 13 on a proposal which, if it passes, would make Switzerland the first country in the world to ban synthetic pesticides.

Proponents seek to ban pesticides with non-naturally occurring chemicals - and not only for agriculture but also for public green spaces, private gardens, and even for killing the weeds on railway tracks.

The initiative, entitled "For a Switzerland free from synthetic pesticides", would also ban the import of foodstuffs produced with synthetic pesticides, so as not to put Swiss farmers at a disadvantage.

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