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Title    In Wild Hacking Spree, Hackers Accessed Federal Law Enforcement Database
Date    Friday March 17 2023, @09:52PM
Author    janrinok
from the random-police-credentials-must-be-in-sudoer-file dept.

fliptop writes:

The U.S. government database provided access to a treasure trove of sensitive data. "I can request information on anyone in the U.S.," one of the alleged hackers wrote:

Two men, one of whom previously presented themselves as an independent security researcher to Motherboard, allegedly went on a wide spanning hacking spree that included breaking into a federal U.S. law enforcement database; using a compromised Bangladeshi police officer's email to fraudulently requesting user data from a social media company; and even trying to buy services from a facial recognition company which doesn't sell products to the wider public.

[...] Sagar Steven Singh, 19, was arrested in Rhode Island on Tuesday; Nicholas Ceraolo, 25, remains at large with his location listed as Queens, New York, a press release from the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York says. "Singh and Ceraolo unlawfully used a police officer's stolen password to access a restricted database maintained by a federal law enforcement agency that contains (among other data) detailed, nonpublic records of narcotics and currency seizures, as well as law enforcement intelligence reports," it states.

[...] That pursuit of personal information is what allegedly drew Singh and Ceraolo to breaking into various law enforcement accounts. In one case, the pair allegedly used a police officer's credentials to access a web portal maintained by a U.S. federal law enforcement agency.

Also at Dnyuz.

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