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posted by NCommander on Tuesday April 01 2014, @03:31AM   Printer-friendly
from the the-muffin-welcomes-you-to-the-future dept.
I'm pleased to announce that our site upgrade appears to have been successful, and as promised, here's the list of major changes rolled out in this upgrade. Our muffin overlord however has instructed to leave some items off this list so they can be announced separately as some sorta big surprise. The staff managed to nod their heads and agree as they fail their save rolls against mind control.

Muffincode 14.04 Changelog
  • CSS and UI revamps, including a much cleaner user control panel
  • Submissions now get properly formatted from the get go
  • Lameass filter now reports why you're lame

You can download the latest hot piping tarballs here

The muffin has granted me a sliver of free will to talk about our update and upgrade policies.

Right, I realize that this is a pretty small update, even taking in account the features the muffin has prevented me from announcing, but I wanted to go into how we're going to do site updates, and what does this mean for you.

I feel that its important that we upgrade the site in a consistent matter so people know when updates are coming. Right now, we're still working on finalizing the specific QA and release processes, but the current plan is to release new versions of the code every two months, with YY.MM version scheme. Our plan is that the site database will remain backwards compatible across one major release, so if we roll something out in 14.06, and you guys hate it, we can revert to the previous version without blowing the site up in the process. This also means if we blow the site up, reversion is trivial.

However, two months is a relatively long time to go between updates, especially ones implementing major functionality (something I'll talk about later), so we'll also be doing point releases which are backports from the master branch to the current stable branch. We'll do these as needed and post about them here when we do it.

We are working to try and squish some of the more major remaining bugs in the site, and we welcome anyone to come join us on IRC and join the dev team. As far as major user facing bugs, we're aware of the timezone one (which has remained illusive to fix), and UTF-8 is still wonky (we found the cause, still working on the fix). I hope to get both of these fixed in point releases in the near future.

I'll have a more in-depth write up on how we'll be managing site development hopefully this week, but until then, leave your feedback below, and know that the muffin is always reading.

NCommander adds: Fixed a typo with the versioning scheme
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