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I keep getting asked 'Who are you guys', so to help unload some of that extra mail from my box I have now provided this nice little page with a summary of the active authors here, along with the number of articles that they have posted.
I served the SoylentNews community as the Editor-in-Chief (2018-2022). I also served by testing the code and features that had been added to the site.
I have been Editor-in-Chief twice, for a total of 4 years. I am currently serving the community as an editor and administrator.
Editor. Occasional site breaker. Friend to many. Misspeller of anythign and everythign. Reese's Pieces are my favorite candy. Baby Ruth is my favorite candy bar.
Livin' the editor dream
Editor and contributor considering technology, information, freedom and community.
Submissions guarantee citizenship.
I'm a fairly well rounded guy who has always had quite a number of geek tendencies. Deadhead, vegan, BMW Motorcycle rider, gun owner... (yes, a liberal 2nd amendment supporter -- don't categorize people....)
This is my Bio page. There are thousands more, but this one is mine. You most likely are not so interested in me, and probably would be more interested in the other links you see up top there, where you can customize SoylentNews, change your password, or just click pretty widgets to kill time.
I'm a free software advocate who runs GNU/Linux-Libre and believes that SoylentNews has power to change the world, and want to be a part of that, however small.
I'm Michael, local administrator and madman on SoylentNews. I'm an adventurer, writer, and developer who lives out of his backpack travelling the world.

I've been a part of this project since launch and wear a lot of hats around here. Feel free to reach out to me for any reason.

My title is team leader for development, but I only hold this as NCommander has too much on his plate (i.e. trying to be a sysop, dev, and administrator while also trying to be an editor.) If you like to contact me I am available at paulej72 at soylentnews dot org.
Just a geek. Y'know ... linux, FOSS, privacy, yada.
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