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Purcase Gift Subscription

You can buy a gift subscription for another user. Payments are handled by PayPal (for PayPal payments and credit cards) and Stripe (for credit card payments). Currently we are not accepting BitCoin as BitPay has changed their API and we have not updated our processing systems to match. The recipient of a gift subscription will be notified of your purchase through email. Information about subcriptions can be found in the Why Subscribe FAQ.

Buy Gift Subscription for UID

Who do you want the recipient to be told the gift is from?
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Length of subscription and price. Choose the length of the subscription and if you want you can purchase your subscription for custom price, in US dollars.. (Price must be equal or greater than the default minimum values.)
30 Day:
180 Day:
365 Day:

If you have any questions or concerns about billing, or other subscription-related issues, please contact