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posted by Dopefish on Tuesday February 18 2014, @05:00AM   Printer-friendly
from the move-along-nothing-to-see-here dept.

Lagg writes:

"We're in a climate where it's easy to accuse a company of spying on you by various means with a distinct possibility that you could be right, but sometimes a reality check is needed. A Reddit user recently posted a thread accusing Valve of writing code for VAC that iterates your DNS cache and sends the hashed entries to their server. The proof provided of this was a prettied disassembly (that was not easily reproducible due to how VAC loads symbols) that showed only that VAC was indeed iterating the DNS cache, which any knowledgeable programmer understands is not exactly an uncommon thing to do, as no socket code was to be seen. Today, Gabe Newell responded to these allegations by confirming that no they do not in fact snoop your cache entries.

There are probably a few things to learn from this, including not trusting a screenshot of code that looks complex without actually understanding what it's doing. A lack of any level-headed investigation is a bad idea and it's important to handle these situations before they snowball into a mob (as Redditors are bound to do)."

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  • (Score: 2, Funny) by zim on Tuesday February 18 2014, @12:26PM

    by zim (1251) on Tuesday February 18 2014, @12:26PM (#1555)
    Anything they can do to combat cheating is a good thing. Especially in the 'f2p' area of games..

    Cheating people really ruin most multiplayer games these days. And most companys don't seem to be willing to DO anything about it. Even tho it's costing them millions i'm sure. People get fed up. And stop paying because they left that game community.

    Besides. It's not like everyone else involved isn't spying on you anyway. Goverment, every company you do business with, your isp, their isp. Everyone in the chain.

    One more data gathering company isn't going to hurt much.
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  • (Score: 3, Insightful) by dilbert on Tuesday February 18 2014, @02:56PM

    by dilbert (444) on Tuesday February 18 2014, @02:56PM (#1626)

    One more data gathering company isn't going to hurt much

    This is how we got ourselves into the surveillance state that we're in.