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posted by Dopefish on Tuesday February 18 2014, @12:30PM   Printer-friendly
from the freedom-is-not-free dept.

combatserver writes:

"While The Guardian and The New York Times reported on the NSA targeting of data leaked by popular mobile apps, independent sources produced highly-detailed articles--accompanied by source material--that paint a much broader picture of NSA capabilities and intent. Recent restrictions imposed on journalists--a result of corporate influence, editorial decisions, and threats against journalists--combined with the ease of establishing a website, might be driving a new era in journalism.

The Intercept recently announced a shift towards independent reporting with the creation of their own news outlet, free of the constraints imposed on journalists by 'Big Media' and governments. Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Jeremy Scahill have joined forces to provide the world with an alternative, perhaps blazing a path towards a fundamental change in how news is reported and distributed. SoylentNews can play a significant role in this shift towards journalistic freedom--we share many common core-ideals, and can give voice to independent news sources.

The Big Question: How will 'Big Media' and governments react to this shift in journalism?"

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  • (Score: 2, Interesting) by Sir Garlon on Tuesday February 18 2014, @01:21PM

    by Sir Garlon (1264) on Tuesday February 18 2014, @01:21PM (#1576)

    Also, there's less accountability when journalists are just setting up their own shop because no one is going to tell Famous, Independent Journalist "your methods have slipped and you can't print this story till you check your facts." The next thing you know, they'll be pandering to an audience and accepting kickbacks from their corporate sponsors just like Big Media do now. Just because because Big Media is untrustworthy, it does not follow that "independent" media are trustworthy.

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  • (Score: 1) by HiThere on Tuesday February 18 2014, @08:40PM

    by HiThere (866) Subscriber Badge on Tuesday February 18 2014, @08:40PM (#1890) Journal

    If both of two sources are untrustworthy, then go with the one that gives a wider spread of opinion. And don't trust *it*, either. Just because I think vitamins are over-hyped, that doesn't mean I think they're useless.

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