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posted by martyb on Wednesday April 27 2016, @01:56AM   Printer-friendly
from the is-a-Trump-tweet-called-a-Treet? dept.

You were warned. Now it begins.

Since the implementation of Twitter's new algorithmic timeline back in February of this year, conservatives, libertarians and anti-establishment dissidents alike have been waiting for the social media platform to interfere in the current U.S. election cycle. Now it seems that there is clear evidence of Twitter censoring the current Republican front-runner, Donald Trump.

A tweet sent from Trump's account at 3:04 PM EDT yesterday is not visible from his timeline, even when showing "Tweets and replies." That message included a video wherein Trump declared that "the establishment and special interests are absolutely killing our country."At the time of this writing, the tweet is still publicly accessible via a direct link and thus has not been deleted either by Twitter or by someone operating on the Trump account.

This link has a copy of the timeline taken before this article was published which clearly shows the tweet not appearing where it should be — between a tweet sent at 12:10 PM EDT and one sent at 3:27 PM EDT; it is possible that the tweet may be reintroduced to the timeline in order to hide the manipulation.

Today it's one Trump tweet, tomorrow it will be you.

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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday April 27 2016, @12:44PM

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday April 27 2016, @12:44PM (#337905)

    That's bullshit. Zoe Quinn was harassed. Her ex posted a tell-all about her sexcapades including a detailed account of how she gaslighted and emotionally terrorized him to try and discredit Zoe Quinn. [] He was trying to show that poor Zoe Quinn was a habitual liar, the kind of person who would cheated on her boyfriend 5 times while accusing him of misogyny for being suspicious. That those 5 guys Zoe Slept with included several game journalists and a judge who all rated her game very highly had NOTHING to do with Ethics in Journalism.

    Besides IT'S JUST GAMES, who gives a fuck about games. Everyone knows Game Journalism is fucked, big deal. It's not like every mainstream news outlet would pick up the story and only focus on Harassment and personal life intrusion of TheZoePost while completely ignoring that her ex was standing up for Wizardchan and trying to expose Zoe Quinn as a fraud... oh, wait, they did. Well, it's not like the media is 100% corrupt -- I mean, they wouldn't make a movie out of #gamergate to manipulate historical perception of media corruption via casting Quinn as a damsel in distress. Oh, wait, they are. []

    Well, it's not like Quinn run an anti-harassment website [], and if she did she wouldn't be put in charge of policing harassment on ... Twitter? Oh, wait, she was. Well, it's not like Quinn's corruption would have any REAL effect, it's just illustrating corruption in mainstream news, social media, and games journalism. It's not like Quinn would affect POLITICS. For example, Zoe Quinn and her other victimfarming cohort Briana Wu would NEVER be invited to speak at the United Nations. [] Oh, wait, they were. But, there's no way this crap would ever find its way into the ears of, say, Hillary Clinton. I mean, no one important takes these "SJWs in gaming" seriously, though, right? [] Oh wait...

    WELL! DESPITE ALL OF THAT! It's not like these SJWs would EVER be able to influence a presidential race via wielding their new censorship powers? Oh wait... TFA.

    NA NA I can't here you, "Literally Who?!" Don't say her name! If you ignore the SJW it will surely go away!
    ^- This kills the ethical media revolt.