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posted by martyb on Wednesday November 23 2016, @05:25PM   Printer-friendly
from the you-can-go-your-own-way-♩♫♩♫ dept.

Supporters of a plan for California to secede from the union took their first formal step Monday morning, submitting a proposed ballot measure to the state attorney general's office in the hopes of a statewide vote as soon as 2018.

Marcus Ruiz Evans, the vice president and co-founder of Yes California, said his group had been planning to wait for a later election, but the presidential election of Donald Trump sped up the timeline.

"We're doing it now because of all of the overwhelming attention," Evans said.

The Yes California group has been around for more than two years, Evans said. It is based around California taxpayers paying more money to the federal government than the state receives in spending, that Californians are culturally different from the rest of the country, and that national media and organizations routinely criticize Californians for being out of step with the rest of the U.S. 

Could California go it alone?

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  • (Score: 3, Insightful) by edIII on Wednesday November 23 2016, @11:56PM

    by edIII (791) on Wednesday November 23 2016, @11:56PM (#432211)

    You're kidding right? The South wanted to leave the Union because of a business dispute. As much as it was about slavery, that was only being pushed because slaves were competing with the workers in the North, and it is hard to compete with a slave. It was a bunch of rich fuckers that brought the country to war simply over their avarice, and they threw each other under the bus with claims of treason while plotting treason. Not that I blame them entirely, they could see through abolitionists claims to the greedy businessmen in Washington tired of playing a losing economic game.

    It has nothing to do with Progressives, and everything to do with the abject failure of the U.S government and white nationalists taking the White House and threatening to do undo every single ounce of progress in civil rights, human rights, overtime pay, the environment, etc. while allowing Trump the biggest pay-to-play presidency the world has ever seen with the most conflicts of interest any president has ever had. What the fuck did you think would happen? Everyone goes back into the closets? Liberals just shut down? Older family members just move in with younger ones when Social Security and Medicare are eradicated? We're going to still pay taxes to this new administration and watch our loved ones die in the street? Social Security fucking works, and until you have a super concrete fucking plan for dealing the loss of income and medical care for these people, all you have done is consign them to the gutter.

    This time around it does come from the people, and the arguments are numerous and vast. Over half of the voters repudiated Trump and the abhorrent ideology of the alt-right hate movement. Like I said, we're not going to just take it. In addition to succession we're getting the electronic voting machines audited, because Hillary may have actually fucking won. Regardless, We're not backing down, fuck Trump, fuck his white nationalist racist cabinet members, his AG, etc.

    At no time will Trump be our President, and succession is the proper and moral move. We're simply too different from the hate and fear that no rules too much of the country. This is just the beginning, and I would like to see a compact form between groups in Portland and Seattle to pull the entire Western seaboard off the U.S political map.

    From succession, to Declaration of Independence II, Article 5 Conventions, mass civil disobedience, protests, and god knows what else are going to be brought to bear upon the hate movement that captured our government.

    At whatever cost, we will be free again.

    Technically, lunchtime is at any moment. It's just a wave function.
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  • (Score: -1, Flamebait) by Anonymous Coward on Thursday November 24 2016, @02:32AM

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday November 24 2016, @02:32AM (#432230)

    Put down your latte, stop posting on Soylent and do something you pussy. I dare you. Your type are born to be ruled over. You lack the courage to act on your borrowed convictions.

  • (Score: 2, Flamebait) by BK on Thursday November 24 2016, @05:22AM

    by BK (4868) on Thursday November 24 2016, @05:22AM (#432286)

    Over half of the voters repudiated Trump

    We can use the word 'repudiated' if you want. It's not a proper synonym for 'didn't vote for'. But if you want to use it that way, HRC was also 'repudiated'. Due to the magic of minor parties and FPP voting, neither got a majority of the popular vote but still a winner was declared.

    The rules are complex and maybe even stupid. But there is a certian justice in it since in truth nobody got a majority of the popular vote. The party of the anti-globalist 'white nationalists' defeated (on a technicality) the party of the globalist 'black and mexican nationalists'. I'm just glad that none of these racists got a national majority.

    Your candidate was (also?) REPUDIATED.

    ...but you HAVE heard of me.
    • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Thursday November 24 2016, @09:41PM

      by Anonymous Coward on Thursday November 24 2016, @09:41PM (#432607)

      That's the major takeaway from this election.
      The Working Class is done with Neoliberalism.
      Now, Joe Average's choice of an alternative to Clintonism seems odd to a lot of us.

      ...and the numbers this time are interesting. []
      Eligible to vote - 231,556,622
      Didn’t Vote - 96,421,324 (41.6 percent)
      So, "None of the above" outdrew everybody on the ballot.

      The tallies of those who did vote [] show that Jill got over 1 percent and Gary got over 3 percent (still not enough for federal matching funds next time around).

      If you scroll down a bit to Results by state, the 3rd party results are interesting.

      -- OriginalOwner_ []