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posted by martyb on Thursday November 24 2016, @11:24AM   Printer-friendly
from the disproportionate-force dept.

Snopes reports

On 20 November 2016, the Dakota Access pipeline protests reached new proportions when an ongoing demonstration turned into a violent [assault on protesters by] law enforcement officials.

Pipeline protesters say 21-year-old Sophia Wilansky was critically injured when she was struck with a concussion grenade thrown by Morton County sheriff's deputies while she was handing out water. As a result, she has been hospitalized and now faces the prospect of having her left arm amputated.

On 21 November 2016, Wilansky's father, Wayne Wilansky, [...] told reporters that she may need as many as 20 surgeries and that, aside from her arm injury, Sophia had welts all over her body from being shot by rubber[-coated steel] bullets, and that it took hours for an ambulance to reach her because of roadblocks. continues

A statement from The Standing Rock Medic & Healing Council stated:
"Sophia was heading to bring water to the unarmed people who were being attacked for several hours by Morton County Sheriff forces. The Morton County Sheriff's Department has stated that she was injured by a purported propane explosion that the Sheriff's Department claimed the unarmed people created.

"These statements are refuted by Sophia's testimony, by several eye-witnesses who watched police intentionally throw concussion grenades at unarmed people, by the lack of charring of flesh at the wound site, and by the grenade pieces that have been removed from her arm in surgery and will be saved for legal proceedings."

Snopes also notes:

A total of 26 protesters were hospitalized and more than 300 were injured.

Water Cannons Used in Sub-Freezing Temperatures at Standing Rock

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  • (Score: -1, Troll) by Anonymous Coward on Thursday November 24 2016, @05:11PM

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday November 24 2016, @05:11PM (#432464)

    this is all quite ridiculous.

    the protest/protestors: Are they saying all the land is sacred or they have actual burial sites, etc. that will be bulldozed? If yes, reroute a little. If no, screw off. As far as the possibility of contaminating the missouri: make companies liable for all the effects of what they do and then, if they pay for the land or the rights, then they can do what they want assuming they have the money to cover all the possible impacts. If you can't get oil/gas out without destroying the water table/polluting the river and you don't have trillions to cover that, then screw off. of course, that could be handled by liability instead of regulation. put a little more money into r&d until you can do it safer and with less liability. most of the time they just want to save money and already know how to do it completely safe but don't care as they aren't ever held accountable. televised executions and long prison sentences for CEOs ought to help correct that shit.

    the assault: were the protestors trespassing? calmly arrest them, then dumb asses! why do you have to stand back and lob grenades and shoot them like chickenshits? get your fat pig ass in there and arrest those dangerous hippies and overweight indians.

    the "real news": why can't you useless #@%^$ do anything right? you could be drilling down to the heart of the issue and helping the people develop a useful consensus but instead you just play dumb, promote stupid ideas, lies, etc. and film the carnage. you are vile whores and nothing more.

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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Thursday November 24 2016, @08:18PM

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday November 24 2016, @08:18PM (#432558)

    They already had a route plotted out.
    They could simply use that.
    Oh, wait. That might poison the water of WHITE people.
    Can't have that.

    trespassing? calmly arrest them

    Too much like right.

    the "real news" [...] you are vile whores

    Sounds about right. least since Ronnie Raygun deep-sixed The Fairness Doctrine and corporate media decided to be about profit and not truthful information.

    "It [Trump's candidacy] may not be good for America, but it's [damned] good for CBS." -- Les Moonves, CEO of CBS
    (Reuters says Trump got $5B of free media during his campaign.)

    -- OriginalOwner_ []