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posted by martyb on Monday December 05 2016, @01:13PM   Printer-friendly
from the embrace-extend-extinguish? dept.

According to an article at

The Army Corps of Engineers has denied the easement needed to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline, according Colonel Henderson, who notified Veterans for Standing Rock co-organizer Michael A. Wood Jr on 4 December 2016.

More than 3,000 veterans had converged at the Standing Rock camp to support the Sioux in their ongoing opposition to the building of a $3.7 billion pipeline that would cross through disputed land managed by the Army Corps of Engineers. Wood said upon learning of the move, "This is history."

From a report in Al Jazeera :

The US Army Corps of Engineers has turned down a permit for a controversial pipeline project running through North Dakota, in a victory for Native Americans and climate activists who have protested against the project for several months, according to a statement released.

The 1,885km Dakota Access Pipeline, owned by Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners LP, had been complete except for a segment planned to run under Lake Oahe, a reservoir formed by a dam on the Missouri River.

"The Army will not grant an easement to cross Lake Oahe at the proposed location based on the current record," a statement from the US Army said.

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe, along with climate activists, have been protesting the $3.8bn project, saying it could contaminate the water supply and damage sacred tribal lands.

[...] "Today, the US Army Corps of Engineers announced that it will not be granting the easement to cross Lake Oahe for the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline," said Standing Rock Chairman Dave Archambault II, in a statement.

"Instead, the Corps will be undertaking an environmental impact statement to look at possible alternative routes."

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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Monday December 05 2016, @05:46PM

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday December 05 2016, @05:46PM (#437274)

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    > You try to shame your betters into spoon feeding you.

    You made the claims, the burden of proof is on you.

  • (Score: 2) by Runaway1956 on Monday December 05 2016, @05:52PM

    by Runaway1956 (2926) Subscriber Badge on Monday December 05 2016, @05:52PM (#437276) Journal

    So - you're a racist lazy cuck. Do you wish to log in, so that we recognize the racist lazy cuck when he posts?

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      by Anonymous Coward on Monday December 05 2016, @09:14PM (#437387)

      You keep using that word and you don't even realize what that advertises to the world about who you are.
      And now you want to whine about the fact that you are arguing with an AC because you believe using the label "runaway" is some sort of moral triumph.
      What a petty, vapid narcissist you are. You've already said you have no intention of making a good faith argument, you deserve shit.

  • (Score: 2) by Mykl on Tuesday December 06 2016, @02:22AM

    by Mykl (1112) on Tuesday December 06 2016, @02:22AM (#437514)

    Don't know why I'm getting involved here, but cuckolding does not necessarily need to involve someone of a different race. Perhaps showing some of your own biases here, AC? Or maybe just your Pornhub preferences...