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posted by janrinok on Sunday January 08 2017, @07:01AM   Printer-friendly
from the reporter-not-under-USA's-thumb dept.

The Indicter reports

Author and investigative reporter Celia Farber has prepared for publication in The Indicter, an updated analysis of the Swedish Assange case. The in-depth analysis concludes that the police reports confirm Julian Assange's testimony, as given to the prosecutor in her questioning conducted at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. It has also been established that the crucial allegations against Mr Julian Assange, as have appeared in the Swedish and international media, in fact were constructed by the police and were not what the complainants really said or wished to achieve.

It has been discovered that it was the police, or the prosecutor's office, which unlawfully and/or unethically leaked the "allegations" to the evening paper "Expressen", which is clearly known for its declared NATO sympathies. Regrettably, but also predictably, this was an opportunity for Western mainstream media to create a scandal around the founder of WikiLeaks. Likewise, it was an occasion used by the MSM to insidiously attack the organization that had partly exposed the corruption of the governments they represent, and partly surpassed them in journalistic efficacy and objectivity.

But it was more than purely vendetta-time; it was a well-articulated campaign which started that day in August 2010 when--according to the Snowden documents--the US government asked the countries participating in the military occupation of Afghanistan under US command to prosecute Julian Assange. Sweden obeyed; others cooperated.

Nevertheless, the Afghan Logs and the Iraq Logs exposed by WikiLeaks remained published. The WikiLeaks founder did not surrender. The Assange case, already politically in its origins, turned into a spiral of increasing geopolitical dimensions.


Our position has always been that the above-described political aspect has always been present in the 'Assange case' and we could hardly be--in principle--interested in furthering a discussion on details pertaining the intimacy of Mr Assange or of other people around the constructed 'legal case'.

However, we regard this analysis of Ms Celia Farber--A Swedish-born and America-based journalist familiar with the intricacies of the Swedish culture and language--as important material, which we hope will help to end the overblown discussion on the 'suspicions' or 'allegations' against Mr Assange. These allegations have constituted the essence of the artificial debate that the Swedish prosecutors periodically orchestrate, through press releases or erratic press conferences of the type "we have nothing new to communicate".

We have also published--in the same spirit of clarification--the statement of Mr Julian Assange given to the Swedish prosecutor during the interview in London. In the context of this new analysis by Celia Farber, we also recommend the reading of "The answer given by Julian Assange to the Swedish prosecutor in the London questioning of 14-15 November 2016".

From that page:

6. On 23 August 2010, the Chief Prosecutor of Stockholm, Eva Finné stated she "made the assessment that the evidence did not disclose any offence of rape".

7. On 25 August, the Chief Prosecutor found that "The conduct alleged disclosed no crime at all and that file (K246314-10) would be closed".

8. A week later, I learned to my surprise that a different prosecutor by the name of "Marianne Ny" had reopened the preliminary investigation without any consultation or opportunity for me to be heard--after I had already been cleared and the case had been closed.

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  • (Score: 1, Insightful) by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 08 2017, @05:02PM

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 08 2017, @05:02PM (#451078)

    I think we can call the actions surrounding the rape charges something akin to well orchestrated and organized fake news - or propaganda. Perhaps it didn't start that way, but it quickly became a tool to distribute the message that wikileaks is not to be trusted because of the clear lack of christian values demonstrated by the messenger.

    It doesn't have to be about an election to fit the criteria; dirtying the waters is as old as politics itself. Propaganda itself often can be viewed the same way as conspiracy theories, except propaganda is usually considered to be the message of the present powers in charge. Conspiracy theories are typically from an entity not in charge.

    It is often best to not trust either, but examing each for the small truths usually hidden inside. Some of it, of course, may be entirely false -- but Lincoln's observation that not everyone can be fooled all of the time has lead to temperance in the movement to spread lies. Eventually someone sees the truth, and it often can be hidden better if some of the truth is in plain sight. That way people skip past what they are looking for as they seek something else...

    And that is very much what many of the governments involved in this had wanted people to do -- look past the simple truths and focus on lies. If they were able to make the guy disappeared, by the time someone figured anything out, he'd already have died in a plane crash or thrown out of one over the ocean somewhere.

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  • (Score: 2) by art guerrilla on Sunday January 08 2017, @05:37PM

    by art guerrilla (3082) on Sunday January 08 2017, @05:37PM (#451095)

    upside-down world:
    assange/snowden/manning/sterling/etc should be free, (as in FUCKING FREE); and the cohort of killary/t-rump/obama/bush/etc (oh hell, just round up the whole .1%, just to be sure) should be jailed for krimes against the constitution, krimes against humanity...