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posted by Fnord666 on Friday February 17 2017, @11:19PM   Printer-friendly
from the courts-aren't-buying-it dept.

It's still illegal to manufacture firearms for others without a license.

A Sacramento, California man was sentenced Thursday to over three years in prison for unlawful manufacture of a firearm and one count of dealing firearms.

Last year, Daniel Crownshield, pleaded guilty to those counts in exchange for federal prosecutors dropping other charges. According to investigators, Crowninshield, known online as "Dr. Death," would sell unfinished AR-15 lower receivers, which customers would then pay for him to transform into fully machined lower receivers using a computer numerically controlled (CNC) mill. (In October 2014, Cody Wilson, of Austin, Texas, who has pioneered 3D-printed guns, began selling a CNC mill called "Ghost Gunner," designed to work specifically on the AR-15 lower.)

"In order to create the pretext that the individual in such a scenario was building his or her own firearm, the skilled machinist would often have the individual press a button or put his or her hands on a piece of machinery so that the individual could claim that the individual, rather than the machinist, made the firearm," the government claimed in its April 14 plea agreement.

So, if he taught a class in how to do it would he also then be a criminal?

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  • (Score: 3, Insightful) by Runaway1956 on Saturday February 18 2017, @03:04AM

    by Runaway1956 (2926) Subscriber Badge on Saturday February 18 2017, @03:04AM (#468472) Journal

    OK, you are pro-gun, and you have parsed the law pretty well. But, you're not saying whether you think the law is just. I consider the laws to be unjust, as they exist today. It's none of government's business who owns what kind of gun. The second amendment wasn't written for hunters and sportsmen, after all.

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  • (Score: 4, Interesting) by Hairyfeet on Saturday February 18 2017, @07:05AM

    by Hairyfeet (75) <{bassbeast1968} {at} {}> on Saturday February 18 2017, @07:05AM (#468513) Journal

    They are not only unjust but most of the gun laws? Are just outright racist as fuck. I urge everyone to look up and watch the documentary "fear of an armed negro" about the passage of the early gun laws, they didn't even try to pretend they weren't racist, those lawmakers were open as hell about how they didn't want "them coloreds" being able to defend themselves. Its also why they picked guns like the "Saturday Night Special" to demonize, which anybody like me who has actually fired a late 50s/early 60s model could tell you were well made affordable self defense weapons....which is why they targeted them, it was a "poll tax" to make sure blacks and poor whites wouldn't be able to afford anything that was actually useful for defense.

    Today you get much more subtle racism, things like "the soft bigotry of lowered expectations" but back then when they passed those first gun laws? Yeah just watch, they don't even try to be an itty bitty bit subtle about what they think about blacks being able to fight back, its scary to know that these were the people in power and that others still defend laws written by such cartoonishly racist men.

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    • (Score: 2) by Nobuddy on Saturday February 18 2017, @07:56PM

      by Nobuddy (1626) on Saturday February 18 2017, @07:56PM (#468705)

      Make sure you note it is Ronald Reagan and the NRA pushing for those gun control laws to disarm black people.

      • (Score: 2) by Hairyfeet on Monday February 20 2017, @03:34AM

        by Hairyfeet (75) <{bassbeast1968} {at} {}> on Monday February 20 2017, @03:34AM (#469153) Journal

        So its okay to be racist as fuck because the other guy was racist as fuck? Is that how that works? I don't give a shit if it was Ronnie Raygun or Bozo the clown who originally passed that racist shit, it was racist then and now sadly its the DNC that has taken being racist as fuck to all new levels [] and I don't give a single fuck whether its the left or the right racist shit is still racist shit.

        ACs are never seen so don't bother. Always ready to show SJWs for the racists they are.