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posted by LaminatorX on Friday May 16 2014, @03:49AM   Printer-friendly
from the Head-in-the-Tar-Sands dept.

Time Magazine reports that Wyoming, the nation's top coal-producing state, has become the first state to reject new K-12 science standards proposed by national education groups mainly because of global warming components. The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are a set of science standards developed by leading scientists and science educators from 26 states and built on a framework developed by the National Academy of Sciences. The Wyoming science standards revision committee made up entirely of Wyoming educators unanimously recommended adoption of these standards to the state Board of Education not once but twice and twelve states have already adopted the standards since they were released in April 2013. But opponents argue the standards incorrectly assert that man-made emissions are the main cause of global warming and shouldn't be taught in a state that ranks first among all states in coal production, fifth in natural gas production and eighth in crude oil production deriving much of its school funding from the energy industry. Amy Edmonds, of the Wyoming Liberty Group, says teaching "one view of what is not settled science about global warming" is just one of a number of problems with the standards. "I think Wyoming can do far better." Wyoming Governor Matt Mead has called federal efforts to curtail greenhouse emissions a "war on coal" and has said that he's skeptical about man-made climate change.

Supporters of the NGSS say science standards for Wyoming schools haven't been updated since 2003 and are six years overdue. "If you want the best science education for your children and grandchildren and you don't want any group to speak for you, then make yourselves heard loud and clear," says Cate Cabot. "Otherwise you will watch the best interests of Wyoming students get washed away in the hysteria of a small anti-science minority driven by a national right wing group "and political manipulation."

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  • (Score: 2, Informative) by aristarchus on Friday May 16 2014, @07:16AM

    by aristarchus (2645) on Friday May 16 2014, @07:16AM (#44121) Journal

    Nothing good has ever come out of Wyoming, well, except to being the first state to endorse a woman's right to vote. But other than that, it has been a hell hole of far right corporatist shills and carpetbaggers, in hock to the energy companies in a way that no other respecting Western state could be! And then they give us James Watt, Secretary of Destroying the Interior, Richard "Dick" Dick Cheney Vader, and even more lately. Wyoming is populated with people too stupid to leave, and I are related to some of them.

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  • (Score: 1, Flamebait) by khallow on Friday May 16 2014, @08:17AM

    by khallow (3766) Subscriber Badge on Friday May 16 2014, @08:17AM (#44132) Journal

    When I read posts like the above, I am sadly reminded that there actually are people out there dumber than people from Wyoming.

  • (Score: 1) by e_armadillo on Friday May 16 2014, @05:28PM

    by e_armadillo (3695) on Friday May 16 2014, @05:28PM (#44303)

    Well, if you definition of good only encompasses politicians. I happen to be from Wyoming, and I like to think that I contribute some good to this world. Before you address the fact that "I are" from Wyoming, I am an Electrical Engineer working for a global Electronics Design Automation company that supplies and supports all of the big semiconductor manufacturers with design tools and IP that have helped create all your shiny gadgets. I have many family members that have spread out across the globe doing good things for the world from China to south America. Trying to say that we are all a bunch of ignorant, worthless, idiots because of a handful of stupid-corrupt politicians is displaying ignorance of another kind. I vehemently disagree with these politicians, as do all of the teachers that are lobbying to adopt these new standards -- guess where a large number of those teachers come from . . .

    Too stupid to leave? Why would any self respecting out doors enthusiast leave Jackson? When Yellowstone is right at your doorstep and you can go watch tourists get trampled by bison? When you have skiing, snow machining, and snow boarding in the winter, fly fishing, mountain biking, camping and hiking in the summer. Vedauwoo is beautiful in the summer, the eastern plains have a quiet beauty of their own. Yeah, you'd have to be a complete moron to stay put . . .

    I am proud to be from Wyoming, and am proud of my family and friends that are still there. Please don't judge all of us on the ignorance of a small few with power.

    "How are we gonna get out of here?" ... "We'll dig our way out!" ... "No, no, dig UP stupid!"