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posted by martyb on Saturday May 17 2014, @04:17PM   Printer-friendly
from the people-paying-pipers-pick-preferred-program dept.

The 28 House members who lobbied the Federal Communications Commission to drop net neutrality this week have received more than twice the amount in campaign contributions from the broadband sector than the average for all House members. According to research provided Friday by Maplight, the 28 House members received, on average, $26,832 from the "cable & satellite TV production & distribution" sector over a two-year period ending in December. According to the data, that's 2.3 times more than the House average of $11,651.

The US has long applied common carrier status to the telephone network, providing justification for universal service obligations that guarantee affordable phone service to all Americans and other rules that promote competition and consumer choice.

Some consumer advocates say that common carrier status is needed for the FCC to impose strong network neutrality rules that would force ISPs to treat all traffic equally, not degrading competing services or speeding up Web services in exchange for payment. ISPs have argued that common carrier rules would saddle them with too much regulation and would force them to spend less on network upgrades and be less innovative.

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    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday May 17 2014, @07:55PM (#44693)

    No, "best" is right because the ones buying it are getting exactly what they want for as cheap as possible. They're also getting the best investment possible, since they can throw a tiny amount of money and get millions, or even billions, back on the government's purchase of junk equipment like the TSA nudie scanners.