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posted by n1 on Wednesday June 04 2014, @09:37AM   Printer-friendly
from the nothing-but-illegible-scribbles dept.

The NY Times asks does handwriting matter? The Common Core standards stop teaching handwriting after the first grade, preferring a proficiency in typing after that.

However, studies are showing that children learn faster, are able to retain more information, and generate new ideas when they first learn to write by hand. The process of thinking about how to form a letter and putting it on the page stimulates more areas of the brain. This come from the inherent messiness in free-form writing, which can be a valuable learning tool.

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  • (Score: 2) by evilviper on Wednesday June 04 2014, @05:00PM

    by evilviper (1760) on Wednesday June 04 2014, @05:00PM (#51220) Homepage Journal

    If children don't learn how to write cursive, then they lose their fluency in _reading_ it as well

    With a few exceptions (like "Q") cursive letters still LOOK LIKE LETTERS. It's not a completely different writing system, like Arabic, it just has a few extra lines.

    I'm sure there's some corner cases where SLOPPY cursive might go from "completely illegible" to just "barely legible", if you're experienced writing in cursive. But in general, cursive writing is still just fancy writing.

    I may pause for a few seconds when I see some old book, where all the "S"es look like "f"s, but a small amount of thought clears it up, even if you've never EVER seen that before...

    I know for a fact that people who have NEVER been taught how to write in old-English calligraphy, can still read fancy writing in crazy fonts they've never seen before. In fact, not only can they read it, but they even DESIRE having it used prominently on their important documents that they want others to read...

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