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posted by mattie_p on Saturday February 22 2014, @12:32PM   Printer-friendly
from the print-that-out-please-want-it-on-paper dept.

bob_super writes:

"After reading an article[fr] (English language version) presenting a new Google initiative to map deforestation, I encountered a surprise when opened with a Terms Of Service page! Not a small two-line 'we're in beta' terms of service page, a full multi-page lawyer-dream EULA. And when clicked on agree, I got a pop-up asking me to agree again!

Since we all know that all information has to be proven 100% correct and safe before being published on the web, have you noticed EULAs in other no-login sites? Why are Google's lawyers getting in the way when it's about important scientific data?"

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  • (Score: 1) by SMI on Sunday February 23 2014, @05:07AM

    by SMI (333) on Sunday February 23 2014, @05:07AM (#5084)

    After following the link regarding 7500 customers surrendering their immortal souls, :), I thought I'd seen everything. Then I read a few comments, and came upon this []:

    "By allowing me to comment on this blog post, you forfeit all control, profits, and subsidiary rights pertaining to BoingBoing or any future BoingBoing-related ventures to me. By disemvoweling, deleting, responding to, or ignoring this comment, you tacitly acknowledge my claim to be valid."

    Simple, elegant, and very well thought out.