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posted by mattie_p on Saturday February 22 2014, @12:32PM   Printer-friendly
from the print-that-out-please-want-it-on-paper dept.

bob_super writes:

"After reading an article[fr] (English language version) presenting a new Google initiative to map deforestation, I encountered a surprise when opened with a Terms Of Service page! Not a small two-line 'we're in beta' terms of service page, a full multi-page lawyer-dream EULA. And when clicked on agree, I got a pop-up asking me to agree again!

Since we all know that all information has to be proven 100% correct and safe before being published on the web, have you noticed EULAs in other no-login sites? Why are Google's lawyers getting in the way when it's about important scientific data?"

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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Sunday February 23 2014, @11:49AM

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday February 23 2014, @11:49AM (#5155)

    How dare the Brazilians develop their own nation, create jobs and feed their own families as they see fit! We need to keep them poor, starving and dependent foreign aid so we can marvel at the intact rain forest on our 60" flatscreen TVs. Seeing them living in shanties and slums in National Geographic really looks cool because they are one with their poorness and happy unlike us decadent Westerners who would be in unhappy living in such filth and food insecurity sans internet and big screen tv. They really ought not the be able touch their rain forest without our permission.