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posted by martyb on Monday June 09 2014, @05:15AM   Printer-friendly
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Today we bring you two submissions on reports of Eugene passing the Turing Test:

Eugene passed the turing test.

Yet another notch in the belt for bad science reporting.

The singularity is here! jk, lol! While what has happened is an amazing accomplishment and I'm stoked... It doesn't count as a complete passing of the Turing test in my book. This program was written to pass the test, not as a general purpose 'thinking' machine that can pass it. Again, hats off to these guys, but media outlets reporting it as true AI (conjuring images of Data, Rommy, Hal, Sonny, etc.) doesn't seem right.

Turing Test Success

The 65 year-old iconic Turing Test was passed for the very first time by supercomputer Eugene Goostman during Turing Test 2014 held at the renowned Royal Society in London on Saturday.

'Eugene', a computer programme that simulates a 13 year old boy, was developed in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The development team includes Eugene's creator Vladimir Veselov, who was born in Russia and now lives in the United States, and Ukrainian born Eugene Demchenko who now lives in Russia.

Other reports can be found at Ars Technica,, and The Huffington Post.

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  • (Score: 2) by c0lo on Monday June 09 2014, @10:59PM

    by c0lo (156) on Monday June 09 2014, @10:59PM (#53444) Journal

    Emulates a 13 year old? Bullshit.

    No, it's not bullshit, unfortunately. It is not the AI that become more advanced, it is the people who got dumber.
    WaPo [] has a good commentary:

    Also, with no offense intended to the 13-year-olds of the world, they're generally not, as a cohort, the most sophisticated group. Have you read any textual correspondence from a 13-year-old lately? It's basically indistinguishable from bot-speak.

    [tweeter stream from @oliviataters]
    * this day will definitely go by so slow cause of this weather
    * they are four garage sales just on my street lol settle down ppl
    * i will honestly be posting all of these screencaps in some capacity. or a best of at very least.
    * happiness is<///3 :(
    Case in point: Those tweets all come from a bot meant to imitate a teenage girl. At least one besotted follower has allegedly fallen for her.

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